Get married on the Amalfi Coast: Wedding venues, Wedding Planning and private events

How to plan your Amalfi Coast Wedding and your ceremonies events: birthday, anniversary, wedding party, live music evenings…

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You come, We Must:  we PROVIDE Amalfi Coast Wedding  venues in Amalfi. Contact us! Get everything you need for CREATING a perfect Amalfi Coast wedding, from venues, decorations, EXCLUSIVE tours and TAILOR MADE ALL YEAR - ROUND local activities. Would you LIKE to ENJOY the delightful atmosphere of your dwelling on the Amalfi Coast and its surrounding territory? Plan your home event (birthday, anniversary, wedding party, live music evenings) or join one of those we suggest during the most beautiful times of the year, experiences that will embed into the textures and traditions of the area.

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Explore the Amalfi Coast traditions during your Wedding Holiday!

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For your EXCLUSIVE Amalfi Coast wedding we don’t only provide the top selection of most beautiful venues and SEA VIEW villas, but also WE WILL LET YOU INVOLVED IN the culture of this heaven’s land. An Amalfi Coast Wedding is an UNIQUE opportunity to get married in the tradition PLOT of this territory: we WILL SUPPORT you to personalize your wedding on the Amalfi Coast with SPECIAL, EXCLUSIVE activities: olive and grape harvest, CERAMIC LAB lo learn the main techniques of handling the clay to make ceramic objects to take home as souvenirs, MOZZARELLA CLASS AT restaurant OR IN villa. Overall to live the best events on the Amalfi coast as The Regatta of the Ancient Four Marine Republic that every four years takes place in the spelled waters of Amalfi.

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    In the hamlet of Minuta, not far from the village of Scala, the oldest of the Divine Coast there are the ruins of the Basilia di S. Eustachio built in the twelfth century by the will of the noble D’Afflitto family, who boasted a direct descent with the Roman martyr San’Eustachio. A charming place overlooking...


    Olive oil is one of Campania’s most esteemed gourmet products. From the Amalfi Coast to Cilento gulf, taking in the inland territory, the olive harvest is an extraordinary experience, a wonderful opportunity to be embedded in the territory, the remote villages, and olive milling techniques. To follow a local produce tasting. Minimum 1 maximum 8/10 participants...


    In the several vineyards on the coast, from the mountain to the sea side, visitors can take part in the wine harvest guided by in site host who will explain in details the different grape varieties, the harvesting techniques and all the processing of the grapes in order to obtain the nectar of the gods. To follow a lunch based on local produce....


    An artistic lab opened to everybody who want to get in touch with the ceramic working process by staying comfortable at home. Participants will learn the main techniques of handling the clay, and make ceramic objects to take home as souvenirs. English assistance included. Worskshop in the lab. Options: 1) 3 hour lesson (kids labs available starting...


    The celebration of the “white gold”, the famous mozzarella, the smoked provola cheese and the sweet ricotta exported in all over the world. A demo of the mozzarella making of where our artisan will show how all the ingredients are mixed up, the art of “mozzare”, cut of carefully and shape the cheese. To follow...