PRIVATE, UNIQUE Yoga Retreats during your vacations on the Amalfi Coast in private lessons

Enjoy your Amalfi Coast vacations with our Personalized Yoga Retreat Program!

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Book your EXCLUSIVE yoga retreats holidays on the Amalfi Coast! We offer a good choose of seaside TOP LEVEL hotels, where you can practice yoga retreats at the beach with expert Yoga teachers. Enjoy A PRIVATE sunset class on the beach, or morning sessions to wake you up to all five senses  during your yoga vacations on the Amalfi Coast. Find your rhythm with yoga retreats among the sounds of the sea and the warmth of the sun. Yoga vacations include several benefits: practicing yoga retreats helps reduce stress and invigorate your soul, improved strength, flexibility, balance and peace of mind and the wonderful  Amalfi Coast climate gives the perfect conditions  for it. Beach is an amazing place to do yoga retreats and the relaxation treatments include swimming pool and hydro-massage, sauna, ice fountain, massages and other services. Relax your routine and live a healthy yoga vacation! Our Yoga Retreat Program is based on an understanding of wellbeing as a meeting of the body and the mind, a union achieved through holistic and yoga methodologies. These bio-energetic activities can help break through the defensive walls we subconsciously build around our emotions. The Yoga Retreat take place in natural settings: yoga sessions on the beach, or a holistic day in an idyllic lemon grove.

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    Sunset Yoga combines the discipline with nature, on one of the most beautiful beaches along the coast, accessible via boat, where the only sound is the rhythmic lapping of the waves on the shore, bathed in the warm light of a summer sunset. After the Yoga session there is an aperitif on the veranda, with...


    A day dedicated to the re-harmonization of the body and the spirit, in a stunning lemon grove in the heart of Amalfi. To follow a tasting inspired to lemon flavourings. Yoga lesson (50 minutes) guided from a skilled trainer. Minimum number of participants: 10 – location rented in exclusive way Duration: half day When: from...


    A range of wellbeing treatments is available inside a wellness on the beach. This ideal location combines the regenerative power of the marine environment with the beneficial effects of the beauty and relaxation treatments including swimming pool and hydro-massage, sauna, ice fountain, massages, and a range of beauty treatments. Minimum number of participants: 1 (*the...